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First and last

baloo28 Member Posts: 3
This Sweetwater 2286 is my first pontoon boat. I can guarantee that Sweetwater will never get another dime from me.  The roof of the storage facility caved in back in December. My insurance company covered all the damage, and a check was cut in Feb. The parts were ordered. It has now been over 2 months and Godfrey sure as **** doesn't care how long. They are more interested in getting new owners than customer satisfaction. I guess I'm done now. I know that nothing will happen from my calls to Godfrey either. Moving on, and looking to trade in a new boat for another brand.


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    Hey Baloo28 -- can you provide me some more information? I can assure you that I care, and the people that I work with care as well. The last thing we want is a dissatisfied owner!

    If you can give me some more detail, I would love to "bird-dog" your boat and find out what's going on...
  • baloo28
    baloo28 Member Posts: 3

    Well, Capt. Jeff came thru. The parts shipped right away and we had our boat for Memorial Day weekend. There were some nice surprises though. The filling port is different. It was recessed into the sidewall and putting gas was a pain. The new design actually is at an upward angle preventing spillage.


    Overall, very happy with the repairs. Thanks for looking into this for me.

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    Been awhile since I jumped back in here...Baloo28! Glad to see that we could get you taken care of...and I will make note of the filling port and discuss with our engineering team.

    Continuous improvement!

    Have a great summer!

    Capt. Jeff