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A little help maybe?

Popster01 Member Posts: 0
Hi, I am looking at a Aqua Patio boat. I need to determine the weight, overall length and width as well as the deck size.

It is a 1981 Aqua Patio 20' Hull # GDY1265CM81E. The boat, If I buy it, will be used as a floating pier so all my grandchildren can fish at the same time. It will be "launched and retrieved" each time used as the lake is too close to the highway for it to go unnoticed when we are not there. It will be stolen or used by locals until I am sued for a death or injury so removal is imperative. To that end weight is important. Size is needed to determine if I can store it in an existing building. It is a couple of hours away so I thought i Would ask you before driving.

Thanks for your help