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New slp 220 tri toon issues and first day review

zpeters Member Posts: 1

starting this post so others can see the process through which I will be going through and to see the process updates.  Received my new boat yesterday after 10 week delivery time from my nj dealer (bay vile)

First impressions were fairly good.. Boat looks great metallic red  French vanilla leather. Yam 150

There service dept made me feel like they just have high turnover see you later.  Ok np move on. The delivery process was average and rushed ..The first thing they say let me show you the issues with your seat covers that don't fit.  They didn't Show me which is which and about. 10-12 snaps completely don't fit some are missing some are beyond tight. Ok not the end of the world but it needs fixed

Pictures to be posted tomorrow.  I have a small L shape couch area next to the captains chair with table. There is a 10 inch piece of leather not stitched to the back (they missed the stitching). The sales person was told (well sometimes this happens because they reverse the lounge for other setups.. So your telling me they purposely leave this open and exposed.  Complete bs and looks terrible.  Missing canvas boot cover  

Triple tube package and they forgot the aluminum under body skin. This made me very upset once I realized this.

I docked the boat and I swear I heard like a gun shot sound coming from under the boat... I don't know if there was a pressure situation or something but it sounded like a huge pop I have no idea but did not sound right.

This might be a stupid question but I dont know the answer and the boat wasn't completely gone over but the cavity belly in the middle toon right in front of the motor holds 6 inches of water.  How does this water get removed ? I'm puzzled 

The fuel filter placement seems like it's calling for corrosion day 2 

Paying for upgraded stereo is worthless.  Not the experience I wanted to start with.. They obviously don't do a quality check with each boat perfect example under body skin 

My sales guy is nice but we have some work to do obviously. So let's see how they do...