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Kelch Gas Cap / Fuel Gague

sorbarb Member Posts: 0

Purchased a 2011  Godfrey Sweetwater Model 2086.  While attempting to fill gas tank, noticed that the stainless steel rod supporting the steel indicator needle and float were sitting at the bottom of the tank.  Called Kelch, CS told me to contact the dealer who could get a replacement from the tank manufacturer and put in a claim for a new one.  I called Godfrey customer service, they recommended a dealer where I could purchase a new one closer to where I have my boat.  Seem's like someone should replace the defective gas cap.... I'm just saying. 


  • gonfishin
    gonfishin Member Posts: 2
    any luck? I had same problem....  had a local dealer clean out the tank to remove old parts, but now having problems getting enough fuel to the engine... I ended up buying a Kelch cap/guage from another dealer for $70 and it'snot the same exact cap that came with the boat, and still having trouble with boat stalling, especially in rough water...
    not been a good experinece

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