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2015 Sweetwater Model 2286 gas tank is not big enough for the gas nozzle used when filling

Almertes Member Posts: 3

We just purchased a 2015 Sweetwater Model 2286. Filled it at a gas station on the way to the lake (discovering the problem) and then again at another location on the lake... confirming it was the boat, not the stations issue since the 2nd locations nozzle wouldn't fit either. It only goes in a little way  -- not far enough and you still have to actually HOLD it there and cannot just put it in, set it and let it fill. 

This forces the filler to squat (when on the lake/dock filling) and hold the gas filler and handle the entire time. And since you can't fill it quickly, it's a ridiculous amount of time to try to hold it.

Is this normal? The dealer is telling us they changed it in 2014 (per "government" requirements) so they cannot do anything about it.... BUT, our new car doesn't do this. Also, someone with a 2014 Aqua Patio doesn't have this issue either.

Anyone else out there with this problem - or Godfrey.... can it be fixed? I can guarantee we won't be buying another if it remains like this and other than this, so far we really like the boat. 




  • rlmac
    rlmac Member Posts: 3
    Myou 22 869 has the same issue but so far no fix.
  • rlmac
    rlmac Member Posts: 3
    Does Godfrey not monitor this site? And if they do why no response to this important issue.
  • Boomer
    Boomer Member Posts: 307 ✭✭✭
    I have a 2286 with the 35 gallon tank and no problem. AND THEY DO NOT MONITOR THE SITE
  • Joelepere
    Joelepere Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2012 sweetwater 2486 and have the same problem. I found that if one forces the gas nozzle in until you hear the sucking noise from the vent the gas will flow a lot better. The people who put gas in my boat are now a lot happier.
  • jetfixer
    jetfixer Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
    It was a government mandate that all new boats have a vapor recovery system like cars have. Try turning the fuel nozzle to the side, or even upside down and you should be able to get it in a little further. Once you get it to in further, you can fill it much faster. You have to get the end of the nozzle in past the vent return port or it will keep shutting off.
  • lovetoboat
    lovetoboat Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
    thanks "jetfixer" i have a 2004 2019sc but am moving up to a 2012 2086 and am concerned about the fuel system changes-tank in the pod-filler-etc. I would appreciate any feedback from folks experiancing problems.
  • lovetoboat
    lovetoboat Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
    If u r like me and fill gas at home {boat in the lagoon}u shoudnt have a problem filling your tank. I siphon from a 5gallon tank and have no problem with spillage or lifting/poring. the siphon is arround $10 and is available on line and at homedepot etc. Really makes the job easier and safer too.
  • gbownva
    gbownva Member Posts: 9
    2018 2286 same issue had i know something needs to be done, my 2016 Hurricane no issue same filler neck from what i can tell