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Rear Entry Ladder

We have a rear entry ladder that was on our Sweetwater Boat, factory installed.  It was made by Bearcat Corp.  It is only 3 steps and we need about 4-5 steps to get up and down comfortably as we are getting older.....anyone have any suggestions on replacement ladders or solutions to our problem?
Rick & Gina Gross


  • mthomas9
    mthomas9 Member Posts: 2
    Here's a link for some ladders. Measure yours and compare the lengths.

    There are folding and non folding up to 5 feet long.
  • Koerb
    Koerb Member Posts: 9 ✭✭
    In the same category  as Ric & Gina, unfortunately all the longer entry ladders are one piece and non-folding.   I'd also be interested in a longer "Folding" ladder as the on that came with my 2013 Aqua Patio 240 is the longest the offer.   Maybe even a portable add-on extension with two more steps would work.    We also installed a boarding ladder on the front.

    John & Barbara Koerber
  • 144MissConduct
    144MissConduct Member Posts: 2
    Follow up on ladder:  We found an amazing ladder from AquaStairs.  It works like stairs.  It is much deeper, the stairs are wider and it has made our boating much more enjoyable.  Our Labrador, Maggie Grace can go up and down these stairs with ease.  We have several friends that have now purchased them for their boats and all agree!!