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Re powering my 2000 22' pontoon

greg63 Member Posts: 0
HIN #GDY5558PE000, or GD45558PEOOO can't really read it on my card all that well.
The placard affixed to the boat reads 14 persons or 2205 lbs.  60 hp motor.  
I bought it in 2008 with a 90 hp.  I'd like to put a 115hp, which is lighter than the current 90hp.  Is there anyway Sweetwater could reissue a new placard for a 115hp?  Reduce the number of persons?  Mercury has a 2014 115hp four stroke that weighs 363lbs.


  • Ddancers
    Ddancers Member Posts: 110 ✭✭

    If it's a lighter Engine there should not be a need. Also usually there is another sticker that takes the engine weight into account. For some reason Sweetwater has lowered the amount of persons on their capacity stickers for all 2015 models.

    Would be nice if they stated why, but I have a feeling they won't issue you a 14 person capacity sticker unless you have a slide SD model.. If it's just faded and you know what it was you can order another from this site.

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