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2014 SanPan 2500FE Bar

ejpietrowicz Member Posts: 2
I looking for a portable toilet to fit inside the changing room cabinet. Does anyone have a recommendation?


  • Boomer
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    They are all about the same size i bought this one because it was a little taller fits well my changing room is in the rear

  • Ddancers
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    edited December 2014

    Hi Fellow Pontooners

    This one has a good length and width - Real usable.

    One of the most important consideration is the toilet - No Kidding.

    Anyway I finally purchased a Coleman because the seat was the closest thing I could get to a normal size toilet and still make it fix inside of the changing room. I also made a 2 1/2 inch pedestal to set it on for extra height.

    I had purchased one when I ordered the 2015 pontoon but when I saw it, well it was obvious that only a very small person or child could use it.  So It's still in the box never use and I will sell on eBay  when I have some time.  It's not a cheap one either but useless for me. I ended up purchasing a Coleman because again size & comfort was very close to a normal toilet . I had modify the changing room floor by cutting out a lot of the plastic bottom to get it to fit and I was even able to store the pedestal inside standing on end along side of it. I screwed down two pressure treated boards to keep it in place and ensure the changing curtain unit was not obstructed when closing.

    It's one of the cheapest you can buy, but it could have been the most expensive and I would have purchase it. Everyone agrees it very useable. I can't say how long it will last, but even if I had to buy a new one every year, I would. Might sound funny but before you completely unwrap whatever you buy sit on it likely you will send back. One of my disappointments was when they changed the floor plan of the (2015) 240 DF model because I was more restricted on what size  I could purchase. If you have room the best one out there as far as I'm concern is the Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet . Very good size and likely higher than your home toilet. It was too high however so had to send back. So for actual usability I recommend the Coleman .  Good luck with your decision.

    As a side note: however I do like the 2015 model floor plan better.

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    Glad we're getting some action here
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