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Build Your Boat Feature is Back!

Ddancers Member Posts: 110 ✭✭

:) Godfrey has once again added the build your boat feature on this site, which I think is a Great feature all manufactures should have. For those that have already purchased I think you likely find the value of your pontoon has gone up and can smile.  Yes listing prices have gone up, but for those looking to purchase usually you can strike a better deal with your dealer, at boat shows and with promotional sales. As a current owner of a 2015 Sweetwater it's nice to see my investment value is strong.  Build your boat again and see how you fair.


  • judynfred
    judynfred Member Posts: 2
    10/10/2016  would like to use the build a boat feature but cant seem to find it.     any help would be appreciated.    fred    [email protected]
  • Ddancers
    Ddancers Member Posts: 110 ✭✭
    Look's like it's off again - likely because 2017 model aren't ready, but in the works.