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Accessory Switch


Any idea which of the wires in the instrument cluster behind the dash are to the accessory switch? There are 3 sets of wires that are not connected to anything and they are so bunched up that I can't figure it out. The strereo switch seems to have a red and black set that aren't hooked to anything. The accessory switch seems to jump off all the other switches also and I can't find the ends to them.


  • Boomer
    Boomer Member Posts: 307 ✭✭✭
    Good Question I'm getting ready to wire in a fish finder and haven't looked yet so I'll be looking for answers also..........
  • cawllins
    cawllins Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, I'm not sure either.  I ended up using the stereo switch because it had those free set of bullet style plugs that were free.  Also, the stereo switch has a 10A breaker on it as opposed to the 5A on the accessory switch.  On mine it was a brown striped wire I believe that came off of my accessory switch but it appears to go back down into the harness and go through the grommet under the boat.
  • Ddancers
    Ddancers Member Posts: 110 ✭✭

    I have a group of unused wires too. Too bad Sweetwater doesn't provide wiring diagram for Helm.

    I added another fish finder and just spliced into the 12 volt cigarette style outlet source, this way it is only in line with its own wired fuse and won't cause anything else to trip. Usually fish finder are in the 3 amp range.

  • EricGF
    EricGF Member Posts: 2
    I, too am looking for answers to this question - apparently they have a dedicated use in mind for that ACC switch - perhaps a live well? The wires disappear below deck. Here's a guide that will help...