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New owner, new member

ilockmup Member Posts: 3
Good day everyone.  Just bought my first pontoon.  Sweetwater 2286 FC.   I am hoping to take delivery within the next 10 days.  Can't make any remarks about the boat until I had a chance to properly allow her to seduce me.  I hope the folks on the "this is getting dead" area are wrong, this is a great way to get info and share ideas. 
We are in the Greensburg Pa area and look forward to meeting some of you on the water.



  • Ddancers
    Ddancers Member Posts: 110 ✭✭

    Welcome Aboard

    Enjoy your New Toon. Got my 2015 last year used her about 7 weeks before had her in storage. Purchased a 240 DF needed the fishing side to be happy. Expect a few things might need adjustment when your get yours. Mine is dock in CT. What setup did you go with Engine Etc.

  • Boomer
    Boomer Member Posts: 307 ✭✭✭
    From one 2015 2286 owner to Another WELCOME ABOARD
  • cawllins
    cawllins Member Posts: 4
    Mike, I'm over in Charleroi and I'm docked on the Mon.  I also bought a 2014 2286 from up in Indian Lake Marina.  I'm put her in the water this last weekend for the first time and so far I'm very happy with it.  I took it out Saturday, Sunday and then I took off work on Monday since our weather was so nice and I had it out all day Monday.  I haven't really have any issues yet.  If I'm being really picky, on my Bimini top, some of the stitching came loose at one end of the cross member support pieces.  Also, I have those blue LED strip accent lights and one of those came loose.  But that's it so far.  She's outfitted with a 90HP Honda.  I hope we can keep this forum going so we can share with each other any issues and help one another.  
  • ilockmup
    ilockmup Member Posts: 3
    Chris, Thanks for the reply.  Are you docked at Smitty's?  Hope to see you there.  I haven't got my boat yet.  Hoping for the 19-22 of May.  I got the FC version.  Blue  flag me down if you see me.  How did you like the service at Indian Lake?  So far I'm happy but haven't really had any real experience.  My email is [email protected].  We go to Charleroi often so chances are I'll see you there sometime this summer. 
    Be safe...... 
  • MotorBoatin
    MotorBoatin Member Posts: 7
    Welcome Aboard!  Make sure you purchase an extra anchor and rope!
  • ilockmup
    ilockmup Member Posts: 3

    Finally got the boat in June, but weather being what it is, only had it out 3 times.  So far I'm happy.  Love the Yammie 115B.  MotorBoatin I already have 2 anchors, but think I have to go a little heavier, probably 30lb.  Biggest problem so far was getting a Grill and a holder that would work.  I sent back 3 mounts, finally bough the mount first then found a grill that would work on it. 

    Lost one of my bearing buddy covers, not sure how that happened and I'm waiting to see if warranty covers that.  Figure it should since I can't take the other ones off.

  • skippy
    skippy Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2014 2086.  Had been looking every where.  Got Covid and was quarantined so I had plenty of time to hit the inter-net.  A man can be dangerous with a lap top looking for a boat! Found a great one that the owner brought to me which was 90 miles away.  Can wait to get on the water and enjoy.  Thanks for this Forum.
  • BradN88
    BradN88 Member Posts: 1
    About to order a 2186 FC for next spring! can't wait to hear how you like it.