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New Sweetwater 2286 in Michigan

mhosking Member Posts: 1

Happy to take delivery of my New 2014 2286 Sweetwater Pontoon Boat last week.  I am excited as is the family.

Does anyone know is there is a good and fairly inexpensive GPS/Depth Indicator available for this boat and can give me the name of such unit, and where one might purchase this unit?

Mark H. In Michigan


  • Boomer
    Boomer Member Posts: 307 ✭✭✭
    I'm putting a Garmin 500C Fishfinder in mine have already ran the cable for the transducer going to mount it in the square where the radio antenna is thought about putting it in the dash above the stereo but if it ever broke I'd be searching for something to fit the hole. Just start Googling I found mine at Sports Acadamy for $159.
  • cawllins
    cawllins Member Posts: 4
    Hey guys, I purchased a 2014 2286 as well.  I went with the Lowrance 4X.  I originally thought that I was going to put it on the left side of the instrument panel but I didn't realize that my Honda gauge was there so I installed it up on the right flat side where the radio antenna is.  I ended up using the spare set of pigtail 12V +/- wires that were coming off of the stereo switch.  I wanted to put them on the accessory switch but it was too easy to use the spare set on the stereo so I went with those.
  • Ddancers
    Ddancers Member Posts: 110 ✭✭

    Order my Sweetwater  with Garmin 50S GPS/Finder.  It's a great unit, but overpriced as an option, likely because it's a dash install with breaker. I wanted  the new DownVu Sonar  so I just installed a Garmin echo 551dv with DownVu Sonar.  I've had the unit for a while and just got around installing it. Should have waited because it's dropped in price and went from  No#1 rating to 5 because of newer units.

    In any case installed on the running ridge of the starboard side of helm. Look's good there, easy to see and the install went well. Just remember when drilling through helm to put some masking type over drill area or you could get heavy clipping.