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New boat! Couple of issues...

lcichon Member Posts: 1
Hey guys, thanks for reading this. Just bought a new Sweetwater 240 SD with a Yamaha F150 4 stroke. I've had a few boats in the past and some jet skis. It's an awesome boat, but after the first weekend of boating I ran into a couple issues and am looking for some advice:

1. There is a noticeable vibration when at idle in either forward or reverse on the engine. A couple forums said this was normal for that engine, but it doesn't seem like it should be to me. Other people say it can be due to a improper balancer install?

2. Trimmed the engine all the way up to clear a branch from the outboard and the engine cowl ran into the pontoon deck and cracked! About a 2" crack. Every boat I've every had stopped before hitting anything when you trimmed it up. Is this normal for a pontoon boat? Do you think I can get it replaced under warranty?

Thanks for your time!