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Disappointed in top speed - AP 240 Elite


Hello!!  Picked up my new AP 240 Elite this spring and now have 24 hours on it.  It's a triple tube with lifting strakes, and powered by a Yam 200hp (new inline 4).  Top speed with me and one other person, trimmed out, 6k rpm, is 33.  I was expecting at least 40, so needless to say pretty disappointed.  It came with a Reliance 15 pitch, 3 blade stainless.  Was I expecting too much, or could there be an issue?  Thanks!!!  Jeff


  • CRF
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    I am no prop expert, but I think you should research the Yamaha200 and see what the yellow/redline is. Then compare  to the 6k you are able to obtain. If there's more than 6k in the engine, then get with a prop seller and try a different pitch.

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