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Speakers on 2015 Sweetwater 2286

I'm looking to add two more speakers to my 2286. I have the Sony MEXM70BT with Bluetooth and CD player and 4 speakers from the factory. I'm looking to just add two more of the same brand and size speakers to the front of the boat to add more volume but still stay on a low budget. Does anybody know the brand and size of the factory installed speakers on this year model? Would love to hear any suggestions or ideas that some of you have done with your stereo systems! 


  • Toddler65
    Toddler65 Member Posts: 12
    Personally I would just take whats already there out and put in an appropriate container (trash can works nicely for this). Unless you have upgraded speakers in your rig, the base speakers are chinese junk. And adding 2 more without adding an external amplifier is a no no unless you want to replace the radio every few weeks. It would put one set of speaker outputs on the deck at a 2 ohm load and that is not very good on a radio. The factory speakers are 5 1/4 I believe, I had to do quite a bit of cutting to fit 6 1/2's in mine ( I have a premium edition 240 slr 15 model) so I should be close on size.

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