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Modifying lift for a new tritoon - 220SLC w/150

mike31406 Member Posts: 2
I currently have a pontoon on my lift with two bunks.  I very confused as to whether I need to add another bunk to support the center toon.  My Dealor says no but he also says it can be trailered with only two bunks.  I have always heard that all toons need to be supported.  What say you??


  • tarheel
    tarheel Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
    I added a third rail on our lift.  I don't know for sure if its needed, but i sleep better at night knowing its supported.
  • jetfixer
    jetfixer Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
    Every dealer for every brand that we checked out while shopping had all their pontoons on the ground supported by the outer tubes only. We've had out 23' Aquapatio on our two bunk lift for 3 seasons now. No problem. We don't tow, but if we did I would feel more comfortable with 3 bunks.