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2017 Sweetwater 1880fc

daleh Member Posts: 1
I'm looking to purchase this pontoon but I am concerned with the amount of leg space around the front pedestal seats.  From the pictures it seems like the storage compartments will be in the way.


  • Missed_Again
    Missed_Again Member Posts: 4

    I have a 2016 one of these.  First off I have never fished from this boat, didn’t buy it for that purpose it just turned out to be a “Fishing?” model.  In MHO the fishing features are at best clumsy but it serves its purpose very well for the wife and me though, we have enjoyed the boat very much.  Owners of much more expensive makes say our seat covering is superior to theirs and this is a good feature for a boat that sits on the water 100% of the time.  And in fishing from other pontoons since I am a serious fisherman I would not consider buying one for that purpose unless all I did was anchor over a spot.


    All that being said I think the biggest problem you will have up front  with room is with the trolling motor and mount.  There is no room on the bow to put one out of the riding area.  On my boat it is the rear seats that cause the most stumbling around and get in the way, I have considered taking them out as no one sits in them.     


    Don’t let all of this dissuade you from purchasing one, it is a fine little boat and we enjoy ours very much, easy to handle, rides well, vinyl floor is great.


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