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220WB Performance

I ordered a brand new 220WB in 2016.  I was clear with the dealer I wanted a boat that would need to pull tubes and skiers and would need to top out around 30 mph.  The dealer ordered the over sized 25" pontoons with lifting strakes.  The motor is a Mercury Command Thrust 115HP and I can't get the boat over 24-25mph with just my wife and me.  The boat is in storage right now so I am not sure of the prop that is on it but am looking for advice on what props anyone has used to increase the top end.  I love the boat but the speed is a major issue and I took the dealer's advice on the build.  The engine has less than 10 hours and when I wanted to upgrade to a 150HP the cost was over $12K.  Not happening.  Thank you in advance for your help.  Boat comes out of storage in April and I want to hit the water ready for a good summer.  SW OH.


  • Boomer
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    I have a 2286 with a 115 Yahama tritune with lifting stakes Wide Open Throttle with 2 aboard 34 MPH and I weigh over 300# I am very satisfied mine is a 2015 I wanted to go to a 150 $3000 upgrade but my dealer said try the 115 if your not happy I won't charge labor to swap them out. He said the 150 would maybe give me 5 more MPH but he said Sweetwater matched the boat to the engine. My sweet spot is around 22 couldn't be happier
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    It might be a prop issue, pitch or number of blades,... are you checking speed from  an ap on your phone or a gps? Speedometer on boats are junk. Also what does your tach read at top speed? is it near the rating by Yamaha?