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Black Anodized Rail Option

DoubleA Member Posts: 6
Anybody have these rails on their pontoon yet?  Worth the upgrade?  I wanted them on my charcoal pontoon but I didn't realize they were $1,000+ add-on and then my dealer said they'd probably scratch or show scratches easier than the silver which makes sense.  Can anyone comment on how they've been holding up?


  • carguybill
    carguybill Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    I was visiting my local Sweetwater dealer this weekend and saw a boat with the black railings. I didn't realize they were black anodized I thought they were powder coated and were a downgrade from the standard silver. Sorry, I can't speak to their durability but I do wonder if they get hot from the sun.
  • TeamBristow
    TeamBristow Member Posts: 1
    I am guessing that this is probably too late of a reply but we have them and they held up great last season.    Not a single scratch and we have two kids and a big dog on the boat all summer.