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I don't know what model I have

GusandAsh Member Posts: 3
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Hello everyone, This really seems like a stupid question but I have to ask lol, can someone help me figure out what model my godfrey pontoon is??? 
Here's the back story:
       We bought a piece of abandoned real estate and on the property was this pontoon. After making several phone calls to other states the previous owner had lived in, we found out this is a 1990 Godfrey pontoon, but no known specific model was listed. We are in the process of getting it renovated and legal. Now to finish it all up, I need to figure out the model. 
     About the pontoon, there are no live wells. It's 20 ft long.. has 2 runners.. has speakers and a stereo. If there's a way to attach photos I will do it. I'm new to this so please be patient lol. There was zero paperwork anywhere on or in this pontoon. It's been a real pain to get legal here in Missouri. If anyone has any pointers for me, I'm open for suggestions. 

Thank you for reading my post!! 

Also, just found the HIN GDY6152CH990 if that'll help you all help me any :-) Thank you


  • GusandAsh
    GusandAsh Member Posts: 3
  • GusandAsh
    GusandAsh Member Posts: 3

  • carguybill
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    You should be able to take the serial number to any Godfrey dealer (I would go to the parts department) and they should be able to tell you what you need to know.