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Re-powering my 2001 Aqua Patio

dicarloja Member Posts: 1

I own a 2001 Aqua Patio 24LE with a 90hp Johnson 2 cycle outboard that weighs 319lbs.  I am looking to re-power it with a 4 cycle outboard.  The Aqua Patio is rated at 140hp max.  I am looking at either a Yamaha 115hp vmax @ 377lbs or a Honda 135hp @ 485lbs.  In 2001, a Johnson 135hp weighed 378lbs and a Honda 130hp was 496lbs.  Not sure why Honda's are so much heavier than other manufacturers.  I am concerned that if I get a 2017 Honda 135hp @ 485lbs that the Aqua Patio would be stern heavy and when running on the water would push the stern down too much impacting how the boat rides.  Looking for advice on what the correct course of action would be.  I would love to maximize HP but not at the expense of comfort and having to stand up to look over the bow because it is sitting so high due to the engine weight and power when on the water.  Please advise.  Thanks


  • CRF
    CRF Member Posts: 191 ✭✭✭
    I am no expert but a 4 blade prop of a different pitch may be needed

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