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Third tube supposed to have holes drilled into it?

DoubleA Member Posts: 6
Just got my new 2286 SW DL Triple Tube and it squats a fair amount in the rear.  I'm really wishing this thing would sit more level.  Dealer said it's because of the larger tubes and the 150hp motor.  I looked at some pictures from the day 1 when it was still on the trailer and I'm noticing holes drilled into the bottom of the middle pontoon tube in the rear near transom.  Is this normal?  My other major annoying issue is the instrument panels which creek like crazy anytime you touch a button/the radio/the steering wheel and sometimes even from motor vibration.

Here's a pic of the holes I'm referring to:


  • carguybill
    carguybill Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    I don't know the answer but I suggest you send your photo to your dealer and ask them for an explanation of the holes.
  • rossi141
    rossi141 Member Posts: 2
    I have nightmares with the helm on my SanPan 2500 - looking underneath, none of the nuts use nylon threads or are locktited in. The screws work loose constantly. I have complained many times about this.