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Prop/speed advice


I test drove a 2017 SW Premium 255SB last night (same basic boat as the 240SB of years past). It was a 2 tuber with the Merc 4 stroke 150hp engine on it. My issue was with speed and RPM. The boat only did 27 mph with 3 adults on board and only hit right at 5000 rpm. This RPM seems really low considering the redline is 5800 and the loading last night would be typical weight we would have on board. So, before I buy I am wondering what prop should be on the boat and whether I can get a little more speed out of it if I turn the motor a little faster.

Also, the motor would only trim up so far at speed before it just stopped. Is that a new Merc feature? My 2015 four stroke doesn't do that. I really thought I needed to trim it up a little more to get it out of the water.



  • jonnyd
    jonnyd Member Posts: 1
    I hear you, i have a 2017 aqua patio 259 CBD, 26ft 10" boat. Has a merc 150 with a 25in sport tri toon. full lifting strakes im only getting 34mph at 4800 rpm with a 13p SS Enertia prop. If i try to trim anything about the bottom trim line the thing cavitates. From what i see so far when i find the right heigh/prop setup it should be a 40mph toon. Godfrey told me they would fully reimburse my local marina to get the setup right, did not buy it from him but still gave no issue. 
  • goodsport
    goodsport Member Posts: 2
    Just purchased a Godfrey 23' tritoon with a 150 Mer 4 stroke.  It came with a 15Dia. X 17Pitch 3 blade aluminum prop.  Was hitting 34-35mph,  30mph in 10.2 seconds depending on type of water conditions.  Tried a 16D X 14P which was a poor performer.  Next I tried a 15 1/4D X 15P and recorded 30mph in 8.2 seconds and 37.4mph.  All props were Mercury 3 blade aluminum Max props.
    Anyone try a 4 blade?