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gas tank repair

johndk Member Posts: 8
I really screwed up.  I have a 2014 2086 Sweetwater pontoon.   I was installing a galvanized mesh screen to keep muskrats from getting into the transom well and chewing the wiring harness.  (It's happened to three of my neighbors on the lake).   I drilled several 1/8th inch holes in the aluminum transom and then drilled one screw hole into the "plastic panel at the back end of the center "pontoon".  How stupid!   That was the gas tank!  So now I have a small hole in the tank, which leaks gas.  I have a screw in it, with a gas resistant permatex sealant in it.  It's holding for now, but I want to make a more permanent repair quickly.  It appears to be ABS plastic, about 3/8" thick.  Any suggestions?