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Motor Trim switch not working on throttle/shift lever

We have a 2014 Sweetwater 2086.  The trim up/down switch on the throttle/shift lever only works to raise the motor.  The down button is no longer working.  A couple of weeks ago the down button worked intermittently.  If I continued to push the button it may or may not work.  Now it doesn't work at all.  The up/down button on the motor does work just fine, so I'm presuming the problem is in the throttle mounted switch.  I'm planning to disassemble the lever, but thought I'd consult with you experts first.
Has anyone else run into this problem?


  • johndk
    johndk Member Posts: 8
    I did some troubleshooting on the remote switch.  Found that I had continuity through the switch on both the up and down motions, but it still isn't working.  But when I bypass the switch below the console, by connecting the hot wire directly to the down side wire it works every time.  Had me baffled since I do get continuity through the switch.   My conclusion is that the switch is still bad, even though I get continuity with an ohm meter.  I believe it's just a bad contact that won't carry the current.  I ordered and just received a new switch and will install it this next week when I'm at the lake.
  • TRey
    TRey Member Posts: 9
    Go with some expert's consultation. They can give help you easily in your problem.