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Anyone used a jack plate?

coreylubahn Member Posts: 5
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Has anyone used a jack plate on their 'toon? If so, how did you like it and which one did you use?


  • Boomer
    Boomer Member Posts: 307 ✭✭✭
    My Question is WHY
  • coreylubahn
    coreylubahn Member Posts: 5
    The new Mercury 150hp motors are too big to fully trim up without hitting the motor cage (ski pylon). With a little setback from the jack plate I think I could clear it and get the bottom part of the motor out of the water in the slip. Also, I would like to raise my motor a little more than I can now as I think it is running too deep even though it is mounted in the top hole because it is a 25 inch shaft motor on a 20 inch transom (dealer does them all this way due to excessive cavitation with a 20" shaft motor, or so they say).
  • Pontoon115
    Pontoon115 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 115 Yamaha 20" shaft and have had it on a 2013 2286 and now that motor is on a 2019 2186 and I have the excessive cavitation issue the dealer is talking about.  I would have thought that with the 6 year newer boat they would have had that figured out.  They were having the issues as the toon diameters were increasing 6 years ago.  I can barely trim mine out before the prop blows out.  Turning is terrible.  I was contemplating putting the 5" shaft extension kit on making it an extra long shaft ( 25") and then raising the motor to the highest setting, which would drop me a net 2 1/2 - 3"  or put a manual jack plate on to lower it?  Unfortunately you don't get any help from the factory.  The jack would make it easier to "dial it in" but would put more stress on the transom ( which the factory would no doubt void the warranty) and that is "IF" the plate travel can go lower instead of just up?.  I'm afraid the 5" extension might be to much?   I'm on a twin tube Sweetwater running a 13 1/2 X 15pitch 3 blade.  I was considering a Yamaha "Pontoon 1" prop but they were pushed way out at the factory at the time and I just got frustrated with the whole deal?  
         I doubt I would buy another Godfrey product after two miss fires over 6 years and no help after the sale?  To bad because I like the boat.