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Sanpan 2500FE (2004) Repower. 115 vs 150 hp Yamaha 4-stroke?

CaptD Member Posts: 1
Looking to repower a 2004 Sanpan 2500FE.  Rated 150 hp max. Trying to decide if worth the $3K extra to go larger. Looking for experiences with this boat with either of those powers. What speed can I expect? Is extra 100 lbs a problem at stern? Fast speed mainly for tube and wake board pulling of grandson getting older. Otherwise, just slow cruising. Other possible option is 140 hp Suzuki.


  • Spike
    Spike Member Posts: 5
    I’m planning the same upgrade with our Godfrey SW2186MT “sport”.  How did you make out? How do you like the extra hp? 
  • TomE
    TomE Member Posts: 19
    Here's my observations: My Sanpan 2500 FE is new to me and I just had my first shakedown cruise on it yesterday. It's powered with a Mercury 115 EFI. This is one HEAVY boat, and actually steers like a barge, (something I just have to adjust to) and I can say that if I was going to power the boat, I'd go as large as the boat allows, i.e., I'd get the 150. The boat is rated for 17 people (that high a number would have to include a lot of children). I had 6 adults aboard, and although the 115 did ok, I'd still opt for the larger motor. IMHO.
  • Flitzer999
    Flitzer999 Member Posts: 6
    It all depends how much $3000 is worth to you, but what I can say is that the 150 to 200 hp Yamaha‘s are a completely different motor than the 115 hp Yamaha‘s. I have a 175 hp VMax on my 2019 2286 SFL tri-toon and it works great. If you only have three or four people on the boat, I can see where the 115 hp might be enough if you’re not concerned with having a ton of speed. If you think you might have five or six people on the boat I would definitely go with the 150 hp motor.
  • ditmasgooner
    ditmasgooner Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys,
     I’m brand new myself, having purchased a 2000 25’ LE which came with a 150 HP 2-stroke. Was wondering what people’s thoughts are of a 2 v 4 aside from the convenience of the 4-stroke?  Is performance/efficiency substantially better?  

    Appreciate any guidance. 
  • TomE
    TomE Member Posts: 19
    See my previous comment, to which I would add that IMHO there is no comparison between the smoke free, quiet 4-stroke and the smelly, noisy 2-stroke. Heavier and costs more, but longer lasting and won't have your guests coughing when the wind shifts.