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2016 sweetwater 2486 with 27” pontoons

mgrimm Member Posts: 1
I purchased my boat last year, it had never been in the water, it has a 150 Yamaha on it and like most all sweetwater with 27” pontoons it has a bad cavitation problem. I was hoping to find an answer to that problem on here but I haven’t seen anything positive yet. Can someone please advise me if The manufacture has found a cure yet, as this is very frustrating especially for the price of these boats. 


  • sttrowbridge
    sttrowbridge Member Posts: 2
    I have the same issue with my 2086. Minimal up trim is about all my 115 can handle while running at higher rpms.
  • Camembert
    Camembert Member Posts: 1
    same here with a 2014 24 ft and a Yamaha 115

  • t84a
    t84a Member Posts: 6
    I may go with a jack plate.
  • chucklm
    chucklm Member Posts: 5
    What holes is your motor bolted to? Did you get the extended 25” shaft?