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Engine Size for a Sweetwater 2286? NEED HELP 125? 250?

Kardun71 Member Posts: 2
Im looking to upgrade to a Sweetwater 2286 by the end of this month. Purchase Date is 7/1/18. My dealer is telling me i need a 125hp for the TriToon boat. From what some of my friends are telling me i need a 250hp or 200hp at the least. I'm trying to do some research and i'm hitting a dead end each time. Does anything have an opinun or advice? Its going to be a Honda Engine but i really need to know the HP for a 22ft TriToon Sweetwater. 


  • RDLinKY
    RDLinKY Member Posts: 3
    I went to the boat show this past Feb and ordered a  2018 Sweetwater 2286 Tri-Toon with a Yamaha 150 on it. Been researching pontoons for about 1.5 years. Previously had a 19' runabout with a 205HP V6 I/O which my dealer took as a trade in. Took delivery of the new Sweetwater mid April. Love the boat! It runs 38 mph, pulls tubes and skiers very well. I was considering the 115HP, but sure am glad I went with the 150. The boat is rated for a 200HP motor however my research showed that the is not a bid difference (other than cost) in the Yamaha 150 vs 200. I am not sure about the Honda. I strongly recommend at least a 150 and higher than that if the budget allows. Also, make sure to get hydraulic steering and consider power assist. The power assist option is expensive, but it makes a big difference. I didn't get it and regret it now.

    Regarding engine manufacturer, I wanted a Honda, but not many places around me work on them. My dealer recommended Yamaha 1st and Mercury 2nd. Yamaha has great reliability record, great warranty (5yrs) and was almost 2 grand less. Basically, I recommend sticking with what he dealer recommends regarding brand of motor but go with as much HP as the budget allows.

  • gbownva
    gbownva Member Posts: 9
    just purchased a 2018 sw2286 with a 150 Suzuki  on it yesterday am sure its all the motor i will need were talking a pontoon not a scarab  
  • DMD
    DMD Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2015 SW 2286 WB Triple Toon that was originally powered by 150HP Yamaha with top end of 38mph, but it was rated for a 250HP.  I did the upgrade to a 250HP Yamaha and now the top end is 48mph, but I run around 30-35 mph cruising all day long with great fuel economy.  I still have the top end for running back to land when an afternoon thunderstorm kicks up.  It did require a change in the hydraulic steering system.
  • tgreif
    tgreif Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2018
    Mine is a 2016 SW 2286 SL with 25" Tritoon package rated up to 150 HP and 13 passengers.  I have a 135HO Evinrude E-tec.  The boat runs 35-36 mph with a full tank and 2 people on board, and is more than enough for my needs.