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Polk stereo system

Funinsun Member Posts: 3
Thanks for welcoming me aboard. 
We have purchased a new 2018 Aqua patio 235UL
 Its is being  this this week and are so excited to get it. 
My question: we have the polk amp it up stereo system spec'ed for the boat and was wondering what the model numbers are to the polk head unit and amp? I'm thinking of adding a sub woofer to the the system and wanted to it all work correctly.  I'm a DIY person, any suggestions?


  • RDLinKY
    RDLinKY Member Posts: 3
    You never really know for sure which Polk head unit your going to get. The factory can change them as the old models are upgraded. Not to worry tho, the changes are most always for the better! From my experience with my new Sweetwater, you should be able to add any marine sub-woofer and will most likely need an amp for it as well. There is nothing brand specific with the Polk unit.
  • jetfixer
    jetfixer Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
    should be Pa4A

  • Funinsun
    Funinsun Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, for the info, I also believe its a PA4A head unit along with the ungraded amp. I did not opt for the best upgrade for the stereo systems. I was thinking I could install another amp and sub for a lot less money than what the factory was going to charge.