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Speed and performance on 2018 2386 DT

I have a 2018 2386 with 25" pontoons, full lifting strakes, underdeck skin and a Yamaha 115. with a empty boat I am only hitting 24mph tops. With a medium load I struggle to get 21MPH. I am running a 13.5 by 15p prop. Motor is all the way down. I have seen much higher speeds from people with similar boats. Very disappointed. Any suggestions on what I may need to change to get better performance. I was told by the dealer it would be a 30MPH boat!!! That is why I traded my old boat in for it. Please help


  • MollyAdmin
    MollyAdmin Administrator Posts: 10 admin
    What RPM's are you getting? Have you tried hole 2? Engineering is thinking if you are hitting the rev limiter then you might just need to move up in prop size. Let us know the RPM's and if you have tried hole 2, and we can see from there. Thank you!
  • lboudreau
    lboudreau Member Posts: 8
    edited August 2019
    I actually had the dealer move to hole #2 but did not make a difference. They put a 4 blade prop on and I am now hitting 25MPH however my RPMs are at 5400 so they will be going down a size. They spoke to the manufacturer who also said they are sending a updated motor pan. Can you let me know the difference in my motor pan on my 2018 and a new one? They said this would help with getting the speed and performance I should be.