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Water-proofing seat storage compartments?

EZPZ Member Posts: 2
I'd like to make all seat storage compartments water-proof and lockable. The top lip of the compartment has a channel that runs around the edge to route water to the back of the seat. One problem is that the lip sags on some of the seat bases. Any ideas on how to shore up these sagging lips? (LOL! PLEASE NO SMILEY FACES!) To date I've thought of triangular pieces of seaboard, but I'm not sure of the weight capacity of any bonding method for[size="2"] [color="#222222"]polyethylene.  I'd also like to avoid any solution that would take up too much storage space.[/color][/size]

Once the top edge to the storage compartment is level, I imagine that all I need will be some compressible weather-stripping to apply to the edge to seal against the bottom of the seat. Has anyone done this or something similar?

Making the compartments lockable seems easy enough. Bought a stainless steel hasp with built-in keyed lock. A little pricey, but should prevent theft of more expensive equipment. Once installed the hasp covers the bolts.  I avoided the simple hasp with a removable lock since that would become a never-ending banging problem while boating.


  • fultonsfolly
    fultonsfolly Member Posts: 4
    One of my seats leaks slightly too, no biggy, the items I don't want to get wet are in a heavy duty poly storage bag.
     There are after market, lockable, waterproof boxes that can be secured (screwed down) under a seat for your valuables, also, there are lockable glove boxes available that can be installed in the console, but that requires cutting a hole in the console.

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