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Help with correct prop size

Just purchased a 2018 Sweetwater 2086C with the 3rd sport tune and a Yamaha F115 from the original buyer.  After taking it out the first time I hit 7000RPM on my tach @ WOT (not sure why the rev limiter didn't kick in before that) and the prop slips at 5600RPM.  Top speed is still 34-35mph, but when I got home and checked the prop it said it was a 13.5x12 pitch prop (aluminum) which seems too small for a 115.  Can anyone tell me what size stainless prop would be best for this boat?  It does have the tow bar and we plan to ski with it.  Called the dealer already but he said he couldn't tell me what size he would group with that boat off hand and didn't keep records of what props he sold his customers.  Any feedback would be appreciated.