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2286 SFL

joemargekelly Member Posts: 1
1-My 2019 2286 SFL leaks water onto the deck from the helm area while running. Is this normal? 
2-What is the fuel capacity for this boat? My manual does not state this.
3-When I fill my tank the gauge is under the full mark. Is this normal?


  • 73driver
    73driver Member Posts: 5
    1.  Sounds like water is coming in from a wiring hole in the deck inside your rotocast helm.  I've not had the problem but I have seen their silicon caulk job on wiring that coming up through the decking and I'm not impressed.  Check the lines/wires coming up from under your helm and apply additional sealant if necessary.  Better yet, have your boat dealer do it since you're under warranty.

    2.  Hah, you got a manual?  I have a 2019 2286SFL, and it's 45 gallons

    3.  Nope, take it back in for warranty work.  Should be reading full when topped.  Seems like there are gauge calibration issues out of the factory.  I've heard of others like that.

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