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Merc Motor Choke

Ospreyal Member Posts: 2
I use my 2018 Sweetwater 1880C on a small lake with a max 9.9HP motor.  The Merc ProKicker CT manual states to push in the key for the choke.  The key does not push in.  Any suggestions?  The local dealer was not able to help.


  • Gilmon
    Gilmon Member Posts: 18
    I have a 2018 SW SR 186C with a 20HP Mercury ELPT motor. The key definately pushes in when you turn it. I have found that moving the throttle forward a bit makes my morot typically start on the first crank. (I push in the button on the side of my throttle lever, advance the throttle a little bit past wwhere it would go into gear, turn the key, pusing it in and the motor starts. I slow the throttle back doen after a few seconds. Subsequent starts on the same day just require a regular crank using the key. 
    I'm surprised your dealer couldn't help. There may be a warranty issue with the ignition key?

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