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Fuel Issues 2009 SP 2500 LTD

My engine is having issues going over 3000RPM. I believe it's a fuel issue. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel water separator and now the primer bulb. Where is the gas tank located? I can't seem to find it, but havent actually gotten "under" the boat to view. Hoping to rule out gas line issues and gas tank anti-siphon issues, before hauling it to a dealer. It worked perfectly fine last year when it went into storage. Now, works great until you boost the throttle to over 2800-3000 rpm.


  • SteveandSylvia
    SteveandSylvia Member Posts: 4
    That's exactly what happened to us only with band new SW2086 C in summer of 2019. We had to have the fuel system replaced by dealer within first few days of ownership. Others commented that it is due to over engineering to comply with environmental regulations.

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