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Would toxic algae affect the performance of my boat?

OK, now my new boat is running great! Fuel problems solved by dealership. In layman terms, they did a complete transplant of fuel tank, etc.
But since we are new owners of a pontoon boat, we don't know much about boating and we've only had the boat about ten days minus the time it went back to dealership! Anyway... Now we are experiencing algae blooms on our lake. We never had algae blooms like this before so I blame it on historic Nebraska flooding of 2019.
Anyway, would algae blooms affect the performance of our boat?


  • RC2762
    RC2762 Member Posts: 6
    It does if it attaches itself to the surface of the pontoons . It will cause drag and slow you down and use more fuel . It will also foul up your live well pump ( if you have one ) . Intake for your engine cooling is below surface is safer from any problems .

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