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Seat compartment drainage

I have a 2008 Sweetwater Tuscany model, and when it rains, the seat compartments fill with water.  I did not see any drainage holes for the water to escape.   Any ideas on how to correct this?  I now use a small sump pump to drain the water.


  • 21122112 Member Posts: 2
    I see nobody commented on your post. I just bought a 2000 Sweetwater 22 foot and it rained the other day. A lot of water in the seat compartments. I was wondering if you resolve the issue? I’m going out there to look at it right now. I can see the drainage channels so I’m thinking maybe they are plugged up. I will comment on what I found
  • 21122112 Member Posts: 2
    In case anyone is interested in your two small drain holes in each compartment. It looks like a rubber grommet inside the small hole. Debris can get in these holes and plug up the drainage. You can clean it out with a screwdriver or similar and other containers will drain. Contemplating drilling out the whole little bigger saw the debris will just fall through if there is any
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