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Bimini top help. (Mistakes were made)

HPC Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone, new to the forums, wanted to see if anybody knew where to source parts for the Bimini top. I got distracted while trying to put away everything away and didn’t put my Bimini up when leaving boat ramp(🤦🏽‍♂️). So the top caught some wind and bent one of the forward legs bent as the top came back (pics enclosed). Wanted to see if anybody know where I could just buy that tube. The rest of the Bimini is fine. No other bracket is bent or broken. 


Florida man... LOL


  • gbownva
    gbownva Member Posts: 9
    here's my take on your issue most boat dealers or Marina that sell pontoon boats or sweet water boats have a pile of take off frames people are replacing with power Bimini I know my locale dealer has a pile of them of course am in Virginia good luck 
  • LarryW
    LarryW Member Posts: 3
    Has this happened to anyone? Godfrey was very good about it and sent a complete new Bimini frame. The new one is already beginning to bend. I love the boat but can’t believe this is continuing to happen. 
  • dspdean
    dspdean Member Posts: 1
    Bummer.  I'm new to pontoons and Godfrey's.  Pick up a 2023 2286SBX in a couple of weeks.  Driving normal speeds with my 21' bowrider bimini up has never been a problem.  Of course that boat does over 50mph.  i am looking at getting 40mph+ on the 2286 with the Yamaha VF150.
    How fast were you driving to bend the frame like that?
  • LarryW
    LarryW Member Posts: 3
    I was going 32 mph and into a 6 mph wind the first time.
    Godfrey was very good about it and sent me a whole new frame. I had only been using the boat , with the new frame, two or maybe three hours when it was about to storm and I went full speed for about 1/2 mile. When I tied the boat up and looked at it. I noticed the new frame was bent. I have offered for the dealer to ask Godfrey to contact me for discussions of why it is happening and possible solutions to prevent this from happening again.
  • LarryW
    LarryW Member Posts: 3

    Just to be clear, we are absolutely loving this boat. We already have 63 hours in the motor.
  • dagoodell
    dagoodell Member Posts: 3
    This is a huge bummer for sure.  I haven't had the bend issue as of yet, but the quick-release plastic connectors that connect the bimini frame to the rail are...well....plastic.  Great in concept, but they can't handle the weight of the top with any force (ie: wind) pushing back against them.
  • voznaj
    voznaj Member Posts: 1
    I know this is quite an old thread, but I was wondering if anyone ever found a source for the 1" square tubing? I'm in need a 24" piece that doesn't have holes.