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Total Time Indication

73driver Member Posts: 5
I have a 2019 SW2286 SFL.  The digital time meter only reads elapsed time from engine start to shutdown.  When I re-start, it begins again at zero.  Dealer says there is no way to tell total time.  I say BS.  I've seen other Sweetwaters for sale with "total time", even phot of the gauge reading such time.  Godfrey has not responded to my question.   The only time I know when the oil change is due is when that stupid beep and Oil Light start flashing.    I have a feeling this meter is something that hadn't been hooked up correctly to tell total time.  I'm not interested in "elapsed" time.  I'm sure the engine computer registers the total time.  Any thoughts??  Getting tired of dealing with an oblivious Service Department at my dealership.


  • Gilmon
    Gilmon Member Posts: 18
    The time meter definitely should record TOTAL (culmulative) engine run time. Your dealer is wrong and Godfrey should respond. I really like my 2018 SW Sunrise 186C. I beleove Godfrey makes good boats, but they need to be more responsive to questions when the (their) dealer doesn't provide adequate customer service. The dealer is the first place one should go, but the manufacturer must be the second and final place to go and get a satisfactory answer. 

  • Crafty1
    Crafty1 Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem, seems there was a batch of gauges where the time wasn't total time, but as you say was only for as long as the engine was running.  My dealer was aware of the problem and got me a new gauge and installed it.  The good news is it's working, the bad news is it's working.  I had all last summer out on the lake with 0 time on the boat!  I put 22 hours on it in September and October.  Stay on your dealer to get a new gauge.
  • chucklm
    chucklm Member Posts: 5
    edited August 2020
    Yes Godfrey is aware of this issue. All gauges are made by Faria Beede. There seems to be a
    bad batch.  My 2019 Sweetwater had one hour meter replaced.  The engine module keeps the actual hours. Mercury Vessel View, if you have a Merc, will show you the hours and operational mode of your motor.   My new gauge goes black while running at speed, but does keep the total hours. It’s just 20 hours off now.