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Power Bimini

My power Bimini top raised part way and stopped, now it will not go up or down, checked electric breaker switch and not tripped. 


  • CraigModeratorCraigModerator USAMember, Moderator Posts: 25
    You may have poor connection to the electric actuator, or the actuator itself is bad.  See if there is a way to check if the actuator itself is getting power.
  • gerk1gerk1 Member Posts: 1
    2016 AP 240 Elite with electric is stuck in the up position and I need to get my boat out and trailered to storage. Guessing bad motor, brushes, or actuator....but is there any sort of manual release or workaround I can use to put it down manually ASAP?  I can troubleshoot the motor in the winter.  Thanks!
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