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2286 SC

Bimini in trailer position....
Bent square frame main tube!!!!!
Design flaw with short tube leaning fwd 30° 


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    Can you please a post a picture? 
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    Not exactly a great description of the problem there but my neighbor has the same issue.  The problem is that the trailering arm is way too far forward of the load center.  ALL of the weight of the top is in the bimini and arch tubes at the very top/end and it all hangs way back of the trailering arms.  Instead of supporting that weight, the trailering arm acts like the fulcrum of a lever with the force of the top weight bending the main tube. Going down the road you can see the top bouncing up and down at least six inches each way as the main tubes bend and aluminum ain't meant to be flexed.  The tubes also jump out of the clips and land on them bending them over because it "whips" so violently but I gave him some Velcro straps for that.  Even just sitting still you can see the main tubes bending.  Ever see someone haul 12' boards in a short bed pickup?

    The only solutions are to either remount the trailering arm further back and add another attachment point on the fence for it, or make a new longer radar arm reusing the trailering arm and hardware and relocate the radar arm and attachment point further back along the main tube and fence rail.