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Gauges not working 2023 Sweetwater 2286BFX

Second time out on Saturday the Gauges stopped working and then later started working. Today they lost power again and are not working. Is there something I can check before taking back to dealer? Fuel, tach and trim gauges


  • jblennon
    jblennon Member Posts: 2
    Did you determine what the problem was?  I am running into the same issue.  Every once in a while, power at helm goes out then comes back on.  Just the guages go out.  I can still start the engine.
  • John893
    John893 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue.  No blown fuses located.  Has anyone been able to fix this?
  • dagoodell
    dagoodell Member Posts: 3
    My dealer mentioned to me that they had several in-stock, brand new boats with gauge issues.  Not sure if this was true or not, obviously, but my new boat came from the lot with a tach not working along with the trim gauge.  Not intermittent though, so likely a different issue than what you are describing.  I'm six weeks into waiting for answers; I hope your resolution comes much quicker!