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New (to me) Pontoon 2009 Sea Ryder

Spardon Member Posts: 2
Hi All,

Just brought this home today and we are super excited about it.  We have an almost 2 year old and my old fishing boat didn't work well for taking him out so we upgraded.  I sold it on Friday, and Friday night found the listing for this.  Went and saw it Saturday and put down a deposit.  Very clean with only a couple small things to do. 

Anyone else have one of these?  I need to replace the battery cable to the motor as it looks like the it wore in a couple spots and has oxidized pretty bad.  Still fires right up, but I plan to clean it and use some liquid electrical tape in the mean time.  Trailer lights will get an upgrade to LEDs soon, but other than that I think she just needs a good cleaning.


  • Boomer
    Boomer Member Posts: 307 ✭✭✭
     :) Enjoy 
  • Spardon
    Spardon Member Posts: 2
    Got it out on the lake yesterday and it went great.  Son loved his first boat ride so that made it all worth it :)

    To anyone who has this model or similar any changes you've made to your propeller to make it a better "cruiser"?  I'm pleased with the current prop (13 7/8 x 11) but wonder if a different pitch might help to cruise at a slower RPM without losing speed.  Idea being lower RPM = lower noise from the motor. 

    Any input is appreciated.


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