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My New 2019 Sweetwater 2286 SFL / 150 Suzuki

73driver Member Posts: 5
Love the boat.  Just wish Godfrey would supply an owners manual which, from what I read, seems to be lacking.


  • stevemann3
    stevemann3 Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
    I have the same color 2286SB with the same Suzuki 150
    one question, my motor is mounted at the lowest bolt location and I feel riding to low in the water.
    What bolt position is yours mounted?
    mine will do 39mph but the draft is quite high.

    thanks for any information 
  • Gilmon
    Gilmon Member Posts: 18
    Very nice boat. Enjoy!
  • Pontoon115
    Pontoon115 Member Posts: 2
    What shaft length is your 150 hp ( 20" long shaft or 25 Ex Long shaft)?  I'm running a 20" 115HP on a Sweetwater 2186  and had the same engine on a 2013  2286 and can't keep the prop from blowing out unless the trim is all the way down.  I lowered the motor to the lowest bolt hole ( the top) and I had the same problem on both boats.  I'm running a 3 blade 13.5 X 15pitch cupped.  i can get to 30MPH with more rpm left, but if I trim up barely, try to turn, or apply more throttle, the prop starts to slip and I get nothing out of the last 1000 rpm's.  Granted, 30 out of a 115 hp and a 21' twin tube ( not a tri toon) is pretty good, but what good is it if you can't turn it?
  • backerbb
    backerbb Member Posts: 6
    Try a 4 blade prop.  You might lose a little top end, but get much better performance in turns and better hole-shot from dead start.  I went a 4-blade aluminum when I damaged my 3-blade stainless and like it alot. 

  • stevemann3
    stevemann3 Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
    I have the exact setup. My boat was delivered on the lowest bolt setting also. I had it raised 2 holes and the ride is much drier in the rear with less splash and drag. Cavitation has never occurred.